Seat Function Realisation 15-25k·16薪
合肥 3-5年 本科
五险一金 节日礼物 定期体检 发展空间大 公司规模大 岗位晋升
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Brief description of the position: The core mission of this position is to develop, analyze, improve of seatsystem function and electric parts related topics of our company NEV’s vehicles via analyses and solution derivation. This as well includes alignment with stakeholder and the hand over to VW (Anhui) production. Key Tasks: 1.Localize, review and give approval recommendations in the respective area. Constantly synchronize with related stakeholders in VW AG. 2.Ensure legal compliance, technical quality, on time, in cost and budget delivery by analyses, testing, evaluation, further development and appropriate project management. 3.Initiation and conduction of VW (Anhui) vehicle and component development project. 4.Document all product changes, decisions and important meetings as well as compliance relevant issues. 5.Report chievements and deviations. Prepare status reports & decision paper for your supervisor and upper management. Report on critical issues / job stoppers to supervisors and develop approaches to solve issues regarding your working field. 6.Initiate, select & work with external partners in alignment with supervisors and VW AG. 7.Proactively drive set-up of new topics & processes as well as improvement of current processes by identifying gaps or loops within your working field. 8.Proactively initiate training demands for this position as well as support & mentoring for unexperienced team members. 9.Coordinate the EK structure (Dashboard, Battery, Water Chamber…) topics and communication with VW (Anhui) / VW-Group and act as general contact from the department about the production topics. Qualification and skills: 1.Master or Bachelor’s in mechanical engineering, automotive engineering, or similar. Broad knowledge and well-founded technical understanding in the relevant topics in theory and practice. 2.Minimum 3 years of working experience, in automotive industry in vehicle seat electric system development. Work experience with VW-Group tools will be preferred, like Sys42, KPM, ODIS, etc. 3.Deep understanding of automotive processes and procedures, systems and processes especially in seat electric system development. 4.Knowledge of vehicle seatsystem function and network architecture. 5.Experience of seat system function development. 6.Fluently in Chinese & English. German is preferred.


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