Sales Manager销售经理-天津河北 25-30k·16薪
天津-和平区 经验不限 本科
五险一金 年终奖金 公司规模大 扁平管理
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Job Purpose: Lead sales team to develop, execute and co-ordinate all long, medium and short term sales strategies and programs with the purpose of ensuring business growth via achievement of sales target. Key Responsibilities and Job-Related Characteristics: 1. Achieve volume targets for the designated area through effective implementation of sales strategies. * Assist division head to develop and execute successful brand strategies and obtain leadership for the Company in Hebei and Tianjin All channels and outlets. * Set up sales planning, well manage stock requirement forecast * Plan and instruct merchandising activity: identification & negotiation of space improve product visibility & pre-empt competition. * Develop territory: appoint and well manage wholesaler in new/existing territory in order to enhance volumes and market share. * Analyze market intelligence and forecast market trends. Co-ordinate with trade marketing and drive activities in the area to promote brand building and to manage business effectively. * Lead the sales team keeping a high level of motivation & feedback with a view to build an aggressive motivated sales management team, having close ties with trade and wholesalers. 2. Ensure the good relationship with wholesaler and distributor * Ensure the good management in handing wholesaler and distributor * Work closely with local wholesaler sales team and advance our product’s interests with them. * Develop and maintain excellent relationship with key outlets and VIP customers. 3. Develop, motivate and lead a team in order to achieve company objectives. * Responsible for staff management and development * Monitor and analyze staff morale, find problems in the first time and assist division head and HR to solve problems. Requirements: -Excellent planning and communications skills, better with OFF channel management background. -Good data analysis ability. -Open minded and easy to adapt to changes. -Bachelor degree or above. -6 years + Sales experience in leading multinational companies. -Good English in both oral and written.




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