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Talent Acquisition · lululemon
Who we are lululemon is a yoga-inspired technical apparel company up to big things. The practice and philosophy of yoga informs our overall purpose to elevate the world through the power of practice. We are proud to be a growing global company with locations all around the world, from Vancouver to Shanghai, and places in between. We owe our success to our innovative product, our emphasis on our stores, our commitment to our people, and the incredible connections we get to make in every community we are in. Role Overview: We are seeking a seasoned Senior Manager of Platform Engineering to lead our platform engineering team. This role requires a unique blend of technical expertise, leadership skills, and strategic vision. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in software development, DevOps methodologies, cloud technologies, and quality engineering practices. As a leader, you will mentor and motivate your team, driving the delivery of high-quality, scalable, and reliable platform services. A day in the life: ·       Lead the platform engineering team, setting goals, defining roles, and allocating resources effectively. ·       Develop and implement engineering standards, best practices, and strategies for platform development and operations. ·       Spearhead the adoption of DevOps tools and processes, optimizing for continuous integration and deployment, infrastructure as code, and automation. ·       Oversee the selection and management of technology vendors, ensuring compliance with organizational standards and objectives. ·       Foster a culture of innovation, continuous improvement, and collaboration within the team and across the organization. ·       Drive the strategic planning and execution of projects, ensuring deliverables are achieved on time and within budget. ·       Mentor and develop team members, enhancing their skills and career progression. ·       Stay abreast of the latest trends and technologies in platform engineering, DevOps, and related fields, continuously improving team capabilities.  Qualifications: ·       Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering, Information Technology, or a related field. ·       A minimum of 8 years of experience in software engineering, with a significant portion in platform engineering, DevOps, or a similar role. ·       Proven leadership experience with the ability to manage and inspire a team. ·       Expert knowledge of software development languages (Python, Java, C#), cloud platforms (AWS, Azure, GCP), containerization technologies (Docker, Kubernetes), and microservices architecture. ·       Strong background in implementing DevOps methodologies, quality engineering practices, and vendor management. ·       Excellent project management, communication, and interpersonal skills. ·       A commitment to continuous learning and staying updated on industry trends and technologies. Must haves: ·       Excellent leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills. ·       Strong problem-solving and analytical skills. ·       Ability to prioritize tasks and work effectively in a fast-paced environment. ·       Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail. ·       Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite and other relevant IT tools such as confluence, Jira and Service Now. ·       Ability to build and maintain positive relationships with customers and internal stakeholders.


关于lululemon lululemon(纳斯达克证券代码:LULU)为瑜伽、跑步、训练等运动及生活场景打造专业的鞋服及配饰,通过推出具有突破性的产品和体验,建立有意义的人际联结,激发潜能,提升人们的幸福感。作为面料创新和功能设计领域的行业标杆,lululemon从全球瑜伽习练者和运动员社群中汲取反馈,持续赋能产品研发。更多信息,请访问。 关于lululemon中国 lululemon积极拓展国际业务,中国是重要的合作伙伴。lululemon携手大使,依托门店布局及数字化策略与客人们建立真实的联结,倡导积极健康的生活方式,响应“健康中国”的号召。lululemon的使命是赋能人们感受更好的自己,实现更大的潜能。 等待你和我们一起,激发潜能,乐赴未来!


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