(Sr)Marketing Development Manager 35-50k·13薪
北京-海淀区 5-10年 本科
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KEY RESPONSIBILITIES: ·      Develop and implement growth strategies and action plans that will generate growth in the specific segment and high growth market and increases in market share. ·      Manage vertical market funnel and conduct market and business analysis for existing and new business opportunities, develop strategic and tactical / business plans which effectively lead to the development of new businesses or improve market share. ·      Establish and maintain the network with key opinion leaders (KOLs) in vertical market and in major applications. Maintain high-level business interactions with the key customers & KOLs in China to build strong and solid connections. ·      Develop and promote application solutions in specific segment and high growth market, define and/or refine GTM strategy. ·      Develop and build strategic partnership with selected 3rd party suppliers, customers or adjacent technology/product to accelerate the growth。 ·      Partner with marketing, application, product management and sales teams to enhance visibility by generating more leads/funnels through marketing events. REQUIREMENTS FOR THIS POSITION: a)  Professional Experience ·      At least 8 years relavant experience in life science industry, micro system related background preferred ·      Product management experience preferred ·      Strategic marketing experience preferred ·      Market intelligence experience preferred ·      Consulting firm experience preferred ·      Sales experience preferred b)  Education ·      University degree, BA above ·      Life Science related major preferred ·      MBA preferred c) Language and other skills ·      Good English skills in writing and speaking, can communicate with global team ·      Master user of office software, especially excel and powerpoint  d) Travel (required estimated % of time) ·      30%   PERSONAL TRAIT PROFILE: ·  Good communication skill ·  Able to learn new knowledge ·  Systematic and strategic thinking ·  Open mind, customer oriented, high credibility & ownership ·  Experienced in customer relation building with good knowledge in the responsible industry and interpersonal skills.   KEY RELATIONSHIPS: a) Internal ·      Reports directly to Sales director ·      Marketing leaders, product managers, application team, sales team b) External ·      Customers, especially KOLs in life science industry ·      Dealers ·      3rd Parties


在丹纳赫,我们汇集科学、技术和运营的能力,让未来科技对今日生活的影响得以加速实现。我们携手全球客户,构建方案,解决他们最为复杂的挑战,将科学的力量变为现实。我们的全球团队正在创造生命科学、医学诊断、生物技术等领域的未来。了解更多信息,请访问 www.danaher.com 。 At Danaher we bring together science, technology and operational capabilities to accelerate the real-life impact of tomorrow’s science and technology. We partner with customers across the globe to help them solve their most complex challenges, architecting solutions that bring the power of science to life. Our global teams are pioneering what’s next across Life Sciences, Diagnostics, Biotechnology and beyond. For more information, visit www.danaher.com.


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