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Role Summary: 职责概括: Be responsible for the project management of Friction. 负责刹车片业务的项目管理。 Main Responsibilities / Tasks: 主要职责/任务: 1. Manage project to realize the project goals and implement every new project on targets in terms of quality, time and cost; 管理项目和团队以设定项目目标并准时实施新项目满足质量、时间和成本方面的要求; 2. Manage the multi-projects simultaneously, control the project resources and project priority.; 管理多项目的同时控制项目的资源和项目优先级; 3. Knowledge of automotive world; 汽车行业的知识; 4. Manage the customer from technical side; 从技术面管理客户; 5. To manage the information flow with the company and with the customer (income-outcome); 管理公司和客户的信息流; 6. Manage the development of each project providing product proposal, timing, documentation required ; 管理项目进展并提供产品的方案、时间管控及所需文件; 7. Manage the industrialization process and the tooling launch; 管理的工艺进程和生产投入; 8. Assist the customer during joint test/evaluation; 协助客户进行联合测试及评估; 9. Compliance with the standards of the quality of processes; 遵守过程质量标准; 10. Other works assigned by the supervisor. 主管指定的其他工作。 Years of Experience in the positions: 本岗位工作经验: Above 5 years of general experience in this field; automotive or mechanical industry preferred; 5年相关工作经验;机械或汽车行业经验优先; Qualifications/Requirements: 资质/要求: 1. Above Bachelor degree with mechanical related major; 本科以上学历,机械相关专业; 2. Disciplined approach; Accuracy; Independency; Flexibility; Innovation Concept; Customer-orientated; 自律;准确;独立;灵活性;创新;客户服务意识; 3. Cooperative. 团队合作。 Desired Characteristics: 性格/个性: 1. Passionate Pursuit of Excellence with High Accountability and Human touch 充满激情地追求卓越,具有高度的责任心和良好的人际交往; 2. Disciplined and optimize execution 自律并具有很强的执行力; 3. Learning agility, lifelong learning 善于学习,并愿意持续学习; 4. Pragmatic and agile 务实又灵活; 5. Strong with figures, data and analysis对数据敏感并擅长数据分析; 6. Hands-on, granularity 亲历亲为,关注细节; 7. Hard working – Smart working 努力工作 - 高效工作; 8. Can do attitude and result driven 良好的工作态度且结果驱动; 9. From strategy thinking to actionable activities 具备从战略思维到具体行动的能力; 10. Team player, cooperative 富有团队精神,愿意合作; 11. Able to work under pressure and challenge 能够在压力下工作。 Languages: 语言要求: Fluent English in listening, speaking, reading and writing 英语听说读写流利


ITT公司成立于1920年,总部设在纽约州白滩市(White Plains),在世界各地超过35个国家拥有大约9200名员工,产品在超过125个国家进行销售。作为一家跨国的企业集团,ITT着眼于全球战略与持续的增长需要,日益重视在中国、印度和东欧等新兴市场的发展并不断加大在新兴市场投资。 埃梯梯精密机械制造(无锡)有限公司是ITT集团的一家独资公司,成立于2006年7月,总投资二千五百万美元,位于无锡新区。主要生产和销售各类减震器, 刹车片,流体控制设备。旗下品牌有KONI, ENIDINE, FRICTION。无锡工厂共有三个价值中心,员工近500人。 有关ITT的详细资料,请访问 有意者也可发送简历至职位对应的邮箱 邮件主题格式:姓名+应聘+职位;如,张三+应聘+工程师; 以便人事快速查阅您的简历,谢谢! 公司具体地址:无锡新区梅村锡达路570号; 途径公交:727路,新宅村站下车,向西大约步行850m; 753路,锡达路[新华路]站下车,新华路东侧。 ITT High Precision Manufactured Products (Wuxi) Co., Ltd., a wholly foreign owned company, was established in July 2006, based in Wuxi New District, with total investment of 3 million USD. ITT Wuxi manufactures, sales and markets shock absorbers, flow control equipment like pumps. Its flagship brands include KONI, JABSCO and ENIDINE. Wuxi ITT operates under four values centers and employs about 180 people. For more information about ITT, please visit


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