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We are looking for a Senior Web Developer who has strong web and application design skills to help our existing web development team bring our applications to the next level. This full-time developer will build real-time data visualization and parameter configuration tools to directly aid traders in assessing risk and strategy. At Akuna Capital, your participation means creating the tools which developers, traders and support personnel will be using every day to compete on the market.

Our web application backends are based on Tornado, the asynchronous web framework for Python. We take full advantage of Tornado's coroutine feature to create elegant asynchronous servers that scale efficiently. We utilize web sockets to create live-updating displays to ensure traders have access to the most up-to-date information as quickly as possible. We power our front-ends with React to focus our development on making the best possible representations of our data. In addition to supporting traders, we also create monitoring applications for server support and development teams to help them better understand current resource utilization and notify them when services need attention.

The ideal candidate is very comfortable with Python and JavaScript, loves the web, keeps up-to-date with new technology and is excited at the prospect of working with our team to take our web applications to the next level.

Key Skills & Responsibilities:

3+ years of professional Python experience
3+ years of professional Front-end JavaScript Experience (with HTML/CSS3)
Designing & writing REST or server push APIs
Experience with front-end User Experience (UX) and Design
Comfortable with Linux and source control (git)
Strong communication skills and works well in teams
Provide support during releases and production incidents
Qualities that Make Great Candidates:

Experience with React JS
Previous experience with asynchronous frameworks (especially coroutines)
Bachelor's, Master's or PhD in Computer Science, Engineering or equivalent
Familiarity with the trading industry a plus
Familiar with Agile methodologies


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Akuna Capital is a fast-growing trading house that specializes in derivative market-making and arbitrage. We pair up experienced and talented traders with industry-leading low latency IT, giving the company a huge advantage in the dynamic screen-based trading sphere. Founded in 2011, the company trades on major derivative markets across the US, our offices are in Chicago, Shanghai and Boston.
Our traders and developers work collaboratively in order to drive business outcomes and technical innovation, which is integral to our success.
公司总部位于美国芝加哥,在上海,波士顿设有分部,我们是美国最大的期权产品做市商之一。交易主要集中在 芝加哥商品交易所,芝加哥期权交易所,ISE, 纽约证券交易所,和纳斯达克市场, 涉及的产品包含股票指数期权,利率期权及期货 (国债) ,外汇期权以及商品(谷物,牲畜,石油,和黄金)期货期权。我们有经验丰富的优秀交易员和创新开拓的IT精英。Akuna上海目前正在组建团队,使用最前沿的技术去创造最快最稳定的交易系统。在这里,你可以更加接近市场,接触到交易策略。这里是技术和市场结合最前沿的地方。




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  • 领域/融资:互联网金融,其他
  • 公司规模:1-49人
  • 公司地址:浦东新区世纪大道地铁口
  • 注册时间:2014年07月
  • 注册资本:310万美元
  • 经营期限:2014年07月18日-2034年07月17日
  • 经营范围:软件开发、设计和制作,销售自产产品,并提供相关的技术咨询和技术服务;贱金属及其制品的批发、佣金代理(拍卖除外)、进出口,并提供相关配套服务。【依法须经批准的项目,经相关部门批准后方可开展经营活动】



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