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Company Overview lululemon is a yoga-inspired technical apparel company up to big things. The practice and philosophy of yoga informs our overall purpose to elevate the world through the power of practice. We are proud to be a growing global company with locations all around the world, from Vancouver to Shanghai, and places in between. We owe our success to our innovative product, our emphasis on our stores, our commitment to our people, and the incredible connections we get to make in every community we are in.   Location and Reporting Structure Based in lululemon Shanghai SSC office, Reporting to Head of Retail, China   Job Summary: This position leads and motivates the store operation team, as the bridge, working with Global Ops function, China SSC and retail stores to promote operational excellence, develop people and focus to maximize the operation efficiency and drive results. Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities: * Store Operational Excellence * SOPs: * Establish, execute, and monitor policies and procedures in accordance with company guidelines, maintain the consistency cross regions and stores. * Improve store productivity by defining and reinforcing efficient operational standards/best practices to be applied within stores areas, i.e. Cashwrap, fitting room, back of house, etc. * Tools / Tech: * Leverage and launch industry best practices and new technology / tolls to Improve stores’ productivity. * Product Executions: * Partner with Merchandising and Market teams on developing and delivering Product Knowledge training to stores.  * Coordinate with Product team, Regional Manager, Store Manager to facilitate the inventories movement across region by supporting stores in ensuring the accurate & timely processing of pullbacks, retickets, mark-downs and shipments. ores.  * NSO * As a PMO, partner with store development team in overseeing all aspects of new store openings including store build out, local marketing efforts, operational procedures, store set-up, and overall customer experience, to ensure all NSO projects are on the track. * Labor / Productivity Optimization: * Tracking store labor productivity through analysis and train store managers on scheduling based on the sales, traffic, etc. to improve the store efficiency. * Communications: * Create & execute a strategy for effective store communications to ensure that both store and SSC employees are involved & updated regularly. * Coordinate with SSC key functions to deliver commercial and store operation decisions to store so that the events and activities are effectively executed. * Omni Channel: * Prioritize and Implement digital omni initiatives to increase the store operations efficiency, enhance omni guest engagement and experience. * Closely work with Ecom/digital team, to create store SOPs to empower store team, provide seamless omni shopping experience. Qualifications: * Ability to independently identify and capitalize on business opportunities, an agile self-starter, results-orientated, and able to deal with ambiguity. * Proven track record of leading cross-functional teams and complicated projects. * Ability to influence across the organization, including global and local, front line team, as well as senior management. * Strong analytical and research skills combined with sound business judgment. Pay attention to details. * Effective interpersonal and communication skills with SSC and store management. High level proficiency in both written and verbal English.  * High proficiency in business acumen. * Strong experience in the store operations and customer service functions * Bachelor’s degree or above * 10+ years of experience in retail, 5+ years in managing role Our “must haves”: * Proven work ethic with utmost integrity * Desire to excel and succeed * Actively live and breathe the lululemon culture and lifestyle * Self-awareness, with a desire for constant self-improvement (goal –oriented) * Entrepreneurial spirit and an egoless nature * Self-motivated, passionate, empathetic, approachable * Outgoing, energetic, upbeat and Fun


关于lululemon lululemon(纳斯达克证券代码:LULU)为瑜伽、跑步、训练等运动及生活场景打造专业的鞋服及配饰,通过推出具有突破性的产品和体验,建立有意义的人际联结,激发潜能,提升人们的幸福感。作为面料创新和功能设计领域的行业标杆,lululemon从全球瑜伽习练者和运动员社群中汲取反馈,持续赋能产品研发。更多信息,请访问。 关于lululemon中国 lululemon积极拓展国际业务,中国是重要的合作伙伴。lululemon携手大使,依托门店布局及数字化策略与客人们建立真实的联结,倡导积极健康的生活方式,响应“健康中国”的号召。lululemon的使命是赋能人们感受更好的自己,实现更大的潜能。 等待你和我们一起,激发潜能,乐赴未来!


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