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【Function】:WB Head Office 【Main Responsibilities】: 1) Conduct review and testing on AML/non-AML controls to identify systemic issues and recommend / implement corrective & preventive actions 2) Review, interpret and socialize findings to WB Senior Management including formulation of initiatives to improve efficiency and effectiveness of AML assurance: - Develop and execute a robust assurance review planning, detailed testing steps and rating methodologies for each review - Conduct detailed reviews, findings interpretation and recommend follow up actions - Ensure remediation plans are designed and executed in response to review findings - Provide effective challenge through these engagements 3) Liaise with internal stakeholders and conducts research to identify priority areas for review based on control criticality, emerging risks and regulatory focus 4) Utilize data analytics to identify and analyze potential red flags in customer profiles and transactional patterns & leverage on data analytics to support overall AML strategies to meet regulatory expectations 5) Work with multiple internal stakeholders to obtain data and deliver outcomes 6) Work with 2nd & 3rd Lines of Defense to ensure that activities are well coordinated & integrated in order to avoid duplication and improve the overall effectiveness 7) Able to articulate and present to senior internal and external stakeholders including regulators and external audit 【Job Requirements】: 1) Good degree holder in Banking, Finance or Accounting with additional professional qualifications in Accounting, Internal Audit or Operational Risk Management 2) Has minimum 5 to 8 years of relevant work experience preferably in audit, regulatory compliance/Line 1 Risk and Control role and/or conducting due diligence checks in wholesale banking of a full-service bank 3) Proven and relevant experience in external or internal audit in operations of a financial services institution is required 4) Self-driven and a team player with strong interpersonal and communication skills 5) Team and stakeholder management experience 6) Resourceful, analytical and able to work independently with excellent verbal and report-writing skills 7) Solid accounting, compliance or audit knowledge by certification would be a clear advantage 8) Team player and able to perform well in a fast-paced environment 9) Technically competent and hands-on yet able to demonstrate strong ownership to achieve team objectives 10) Possess creativity and self-motivation to find solutions in an ever-evolving regulatory environment 11) Excellent communication (written, verbal) and interpersonal skills to positively influence people to make the appropriate decisions and resolve conflicts effectively 12) Process-oriented and possesses a strategic mindset with the ability to have a holistic view 13) Experience in non-AML assurance will be an added advantage


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1. 如您发现平台内招聘方存在以下违规行为的,请立即举报
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