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人力资源经理/主管 · 阿法拉伐
Who you are: This person needs to secure operation and maintenance of buildings and exterior surfaces, coordinate security on the site and carry out construction projects. About the job: · Work as project manager in projects involving buildings, technical installations or external areas. · Plan long-term maintenance of buildings, technical installations and external areas. · Prepare and present forecasts for future years' maintenance and construction projects. · Ensure that the budget, quality and schedules for all real estate activities and for your organization are kept. · Prepare tender specifications as per procurement processes for architects and designers, contractors for maintenance, contractors for construction projects and project managers for larger real estate projects. · Lead the guard team and services. · Lead surveys and feasibility studies to prepare for decisions. · Be involved in contract negotiations for externally rented premises. · Develop the site to reduce energy and water consumption. · Ensure that health and safety standards are followed in real estate projects. · Ensure that the group's guidelines are followed and provide feedback to central Real estate function What you know: · Bachelor degree majored in Engineering or related; · More than 4 years of professional experience from the construction industry, preferably from project management consulting companies with a focus on industrial buildings. · Have worked independently as Real Estate manager for industrial projects where the construction projects have taken place during the normal operation of the business. · Documented experience from projects with high demands on work environment and safety will be a great merit. · Professional knowledge of necessary laws and regulations regarding the planning and implementation of real estate related projects. · Good experience of making cost calculations for construction projects and from there also assess the implementation of projects. · Be a good leader, driven in your work and want to constantly develop in cooperation with internal and external customers, contractors and subcontractors. · Good communication skills to handle professional English in speaking and writing · Good micro soft skills · Be open and team work · Have high integrity


阿法拉伐是瑞典著名的跨国工业集团,创建于1883年,总部设在瑞典隆德。作为一家拥有140多年历史的工业品牌,阿法拉伐的业务遍布全球百余个国家,在55个国家和地区设有销售公司,100多处服务中心,服务全球客户;全球约有20,300余名员工,年销售额为600亿瑞典克朗(约60亿欧元)。 紧随中国改革开放步伐,阿法拉伐于1984年在中国北京设立了办事机构, 深耕本土市场40载,不断拓展业务版图,服务本土客户。 阿法拉伐在国内设有3大生产基地,10个办事处,5大服务中心,5处港口服务点,1个分拨中心和1座亚洲学院,雇员近4000人,年产值约人民币40亿元。 阿法拉伐在全球范围内提供专业的产品及工程解决方案,其关键技术包括热交换,分离和流体处理。阿法拉伐的创新技术致力于对自然资源有效的净化、精炼和回收再利用,有助于提高能效和热回收、改善水处理并减少排放。我们积极促进客户的成功,并让人类生活和地球变得更美好。每天让世界变得更美好!


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1. 如您发现平台内招聘方存在以下违规行为的,请立即举报
  • a. 扣押您的身份证件或者其他证件;
  • b. 要求您提供担保人、担保金或者以其他名义向您收取财物( 如培训费、体检费、资料费、置装费、押金等);
  • c. 强迫您入股或者向您集资;
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2. 如您应聘的岗位属于涉外劳务合作/海外岗位的,请务必核实招聘方对外劳务合作资质取得情况,同时注意自身资金安全,防范招聘欺诈。


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