Customer Relations Manager ID147727 薪资面议
哈尔滨 经验不限 学历不限
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WHO YOU ARE •You're passionate about users and customers and act to lead a permanent improving a positive shopping experience. •You've solid understanding of the shopping experience and easy to buying, customer insights, relevant customer relations processes for returns and resolution, tools and working methods. •You're good Leader with strong communication, negotiation, influencing skills and competent in leading and developing people. A DAY IN YOUR LIFE WITH US •Drive a customer-focused culture throughout the store and secure an overall inspiring shopping experience where it is always for customers easy to shop. •Influence the store team with customer insights that will allow it to base business decisions on customer expectations. •Responsible for identifying and removing barriers in order to secure an easy buying experience, a positive shopping experience and easy payment and after-sales fulfilment. TOGETHER AS A TEAM •We as a team work together to build and retain a long-lasting relationship with new and existing customers in a multichannel retail environment.


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1. 如您发现平台内招聘方存在以下违规行为的,请立即举报
  • a. 扣押您的身份证件或者其他证件;
  • b. 要求您提供担保人、担保金或者以其他名义向您收取财物( 如培训费、体检费、资料费、置装费、押金等);
  • c. 强迫您入股或者向您集资;
  • d. 以招聘名义牟取不正当利益;
  • e. 发布虚假招聘广告信息;
  • f. 存在其他损害您的合法权益的行为。
2. 如您应聘的岗位属于涉外劳务合作/海外岗位的,请务必核实招聘方对外劳务合作资质取得情况,同时注意自身资金安全,防范招聘欺诈。


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