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Key Area of Responsibility
• Analyzes and reports on Market level business performance by means of: Monthly performance, AOP, product/market /integral profitability, Quarterly Forecasting, RoFo, Strategic Review, cost control, Target Setting etc.
• Support Market Head of Finance to coordinate and consolidate forward-looking ad-hoc analysis, such as project & strategy evaluation, benchmarking, scenario analysis, etc.
• Support Market Head of Finance to coordinate the strategic and operational (business / financial) planning process and performance management within the commercial organizations and drives for the delivery of the committed results.
• Support Market Head of Finance to identify, address and track of business issues
• Prepares, attends, minutes and keeps track of follow ups regarding performance and strategy meetings. Takes initiative to bring relevant financial issues to the attention of his/her relevant stakeholders.
• Participates in various x-Sector/Market Finance improvement projects, often must lead a cooperative effort among members of a project team.
• Understands systems and tools. Ensures quality, accuracy and integrity of information prepared and stored in our systems, enabling a single source of truth.
• Business integrity: adherence to FCPA and GBP in cooperation with Legal & HR

Dimensions Relating to Know-How
· Bachelor or Master degree in Business Economics, Finance and or Accounting orientated study
· Rounded financial experience say 6 years working exprience, including solid FP&A and Accounting and internal control knowledge
· Strong Convincing communication skills
· Strong ability to understand and explain impact of (market) developments on business results and ability to translate into financial consequences
· Intellectual capacity to digest complex information, see trends and analysis through data.
· Requires the ability to change the thinking of, or gain acceptance from, others in sensitive situations, without damage to the relationship
· Having wide-ranging experience, uses professional concepts and company objectives to resolve complex issues in creative and effective ways.
· Advanced technical skills in Excel, ERP (SAP preferred) and PowerPoint.


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  • 经营期限:1990年08月08日-2040年08月07日
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