Analyst-Automotive Technology 12-16k·13薪
上海 1-3年 本科及以上
汽车行业 汽车技术 行业分析
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Are you passionate about the future of vehicle technology with a desire to drive your career forward in a research and consulting role? 请问您是否对汽车技术的未来充满热情,并希望在研究和咨询职位上推动您的职业发展? 【全球化视野+跨国项目合作+车联网+有竞争力的薪酬】 该职位是撰写卓越市场报告和执行咨询项目的关键,这些项目支持我们的客户做出影响汽车行业的决定。 您将领导研究项目并协调他人,为我们的客户提供分析、见解和价值。 员工和客户满意度是成为汽车市场研究和咨询公司的关键;这是我们的首要任务。 一、公司介绍:【SBD Automotive】与客户合作开展智能网联汽车战略等项目,包括智能驾驶研究、趋势和预测;共享移动服务和安全;以及向电化的转变——所有领域都在影响汽车行业的未来!我们与世界上95%的汽车制造商、供应商、相关行业和70多个国家的政府合作,客户包括Porsche/BMW/Dailmer/Toyota等。 二、岗位职责: 【The Role】 This position is key to the achievement of writing exceptional market reports and execution of consulting projects that support our clients in their decisions that impact the automotive industry. You will lead research projects and coordinate others to deliver analysis, insight and value to our clients.  Your key responsibilities include: Contributing to research and consultancy projects and utilizing appropriate research methodology to provide reliable, accurate and up to date information and data Conducting and recording results of physical automotive testing, specifically UX / UI Analyzing data and information, looking beyond the obvious conclusions, to create actionable and value adding insights for our clients.  Identifying and answering the 'So What?' questions will be key to the success of this role  Coordinating your own, and the work of others, through delegation and time management, raising any concerns as they arise to ensure project compliance and client communication Guiding others on best practice research tools and techniques, along with the pitfalls to look out for, to produce 'client-ready' executive level summaries and deliver concise conclusions Supporting the preparation of client proposals by providing resource estimates for specific work packages and suggesting supporting materials that demonstrate our capabilities 【Required Skills and Competencies】 For success in this role you will need to demonstrate the following: An understanding of the opportunities and challenges facing the automotive technology sector, and evidence of your ability to keep abreast of technical and business developments in this fast-moving sector Previous research and report writing experience, 1 -2 years Automotive test experience, preferably UX /UI  is desireable but not essential Excellent planning and time management skills Problem solving, analytical thinking, and the ability to remain calm under pressure Proven ability to work largely autonomously within established methodologies and guidelines, and the ability to change approach quickly based on changing conditions An inquiring mind and the ability to ask and answer the 'So What' questions to provide interesting and accurate insights for our clients Industry interest and a desire to meet client needs Previous exposure to coordinating the workload and development of others and managing performance is desirable Fluent Chinese Mandarin and excellent spoken and written English Excellent written communication skills to enable the production of high-quality client reports in PowerPoint, Word and Excel 三、招聘对象:1-2年研究或撰写汽车行业报告的经验 具备车联网/自动驾驶/智慧汽车知识,有汽车测试经验 良好的英语口语及书面表达水平 四、招聘流程: 网申地址:官方网址 Please apply with English CV and cover letter. SBD Automotive期待您的参与!


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