Associated Test Engineer (Electrical) 薪资面议
上海 3-5年 本科及以上
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Position Summary Perform testing of new Product lines for Industrial Inverters/Converters in a laboratory environment. Duties include creating test documentation and executing test procedures for analog, digital and various 3 phase power converter products. Supports development engineers and design personnel as required. Key Responsibilities • Perform circuit / product testing, evaluating performance per specification. • Maintain and learn new technological skills so that they may be appropriately applied in product test or to development processes • Utilize and interpret the following test and development instrumentation: Digital oscilloscopes/Logic analyzer, Surge/Fast Transient Tester, EMC receiver, LCR meters, Tachometers, Torque transducers, Power supplies, Plotters, Spectrum analyzers, Dynamometers, and Environmental Chambers. • Must understand and practice laboratory procedures for the safe and efficient use of electronic instrumentation, electrical power, rotating electrical machinery, and general laboratory cleanliness. • Writes reports, test plans and other related or supporting levels of documentation. • Assist others in the accomplishment of development programs, from evaluating design concepts through experimentation and prototype development including engineering documentation. • Compose well written, legible, and accurate notes of experiments, including a summary on interpreting test results and recommendations. • Ensures thorough familiarity with company policies and procedures. Appropriately applies policies and procedures in compliance with government laws. Policies and procedures include, but not limited to : Standards of Business Conduct, Intellectual Property, Control Environment, Information Protection, ISO 9000 & 14001, government regulations (e.g. health, safety, quality and environmental), and functional policies published on the Rockwell Automation Information Network. • Assist in solving customer problems, operating in concert with the assigned engineer. • Utilizes computers for the purpose of collecting data and transferring files. • Familiarity with business information systems for transfer of engineering data (SAP) EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATIONS / WORK EXPERIENCE • B.S. or Associate degree in Electronic / Electrical Technology or equivalent. • 3+ years of experience in testing of low voltage industrial variable frequency motor drives products or 3 phase power devices, such as UPS, inverter, converter. • Electrical engineering lab environment management experience is a plus. • Good English skills - oral, reading and writing- is a plus.


罗克韦尔自动化(NYSE:ROK)是全球专门从事工业自动化与信息技术领域的企业之一,致力于帮助其客户提高生产力并推动世界实现可持续发展。罗克韦尔自动化公司总部位于威斯康星州密尔沃基,员工总数约为 23,000人,客户遍布全球80多个国家/地区。 1988年罗克韦尔自动化进入中国,在国内有2000多名雇员,并设有五个培训中心,一个研发中心,一个软件开发中心,三个OEM中心,两个生产基地。 罗克韦尔自动化集成控制和信息平台是制造业实现智能、安全和可持续生产的的基础。它帮助制造业利用互联企业实现未来智能制造愿景,提高决策水平和国际竞争力。 “罗克韦尔自动化与中国大学共勉”项目开始于1998年,和国内70多所高校合作建立联合实验室,累计捐赠2.56亿人民币的设备、奖学和奖教金。该项目在持续不断地进行中。 Rockwell Automation, Inc. (NYSE: ROK), the world's largest company dedicated to industrial automation and information, makes its customers more productive and the world more sustainable. Headquartered in Milwaukee, Wis., Rockwell Automation employs approximately 23,000 people serving customers in more than 80 countries. Rockwell Automation entered into China market in 1988 and now has over 2,000 employees in China. We have built five training facilities, one research center, one software development center, three OEM centers and two manufacturing facilities. Rockwell Automation’s integrated control and information platform has become the basis for the manufacturing sector to achieve Smart, Safe and Sustainable manufacturing. It helps manufacturers turn the vision of smart manufacturing into a reality and improve decision making and international competiveness by building “The Connected Enterprise”. Rockwell Automation initiated the University Partnership Program in 1998, and has supported Chinese higher education consistently. We have established joint labs with 70+ leading China universities, donating a total amount of RMB 256 million worth of equipment, scholarships and teaching awards. Relevant financial and teaching assistance activities are still ongoing.


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