Established in 1981 by the Marciano brothers in California, GUESS is now one of the world’s leading lifestyle brands of apparel and accessories including GUESS, GUESS by Marciano, GUESS Accessories, GUESS Kids, etc. Started from the 3-zip Marilyn jeans, GUESS has become a symbol of a young, sexy and adventurous lifestyle brand with a full range of apparel, denim, handbags, watches, footwear, accessories and other consumer products. GUESS currently has over 1,200 retail stores in over 80 countries including US, UK, Canada, France, Italy, Singapore, South Korea and China. GUESS is a fast growing international lifestyle brand. With strong presence in North America and Europe, China is the target market for business growth in Asia. The first GUESS flagship store in China was opened in Shanghai in April 2007. Today, GUESS has about 180 stores in China including directly owned and operated retail stores and franchised stores. To cope with future expansion plan in China, the company is seeking for qualified, energetic and dynamic individuals to build up a winning team to support the growing business. 由Marciano兄弟创立的GUESS于1981年在美国加州诞生, 至今已成为全球受欢迎的品牌之一, 旗下包括了GUESS, GUESS by Marciano, GUESS Accessories, GUESS Kids等. 以最初的3-zip Marilyn jeans, 到现在GUESS已经成为一个主导时尚生活的品牌代表着年轻, 性感及富冒险精神, 产品包括男女服装, 童装, 牛仔裤, 手袋, 手表. 鞋履, 精品配饰等. 在美国, 英国, 加拿大, 法国, 意大利, 新加坡, 韩国, 中国等超过80个国家拥有1200多家GUESS零售店. 作为一个发展迅速的国际时尚品牌,GUESS在北美和欧洲拥有庞大的版图,已经将中国定为着力发展的又一市场. 2007年4月,机时商贸正式登陆中国,并在上海开设第一家旗舰店. 至今机时商贸在中国已开设约180多家专卖店.GUESS机时商贸招贤纳士组建管理团队,配合其在中国的业务发展