森松集团(中国)系日本森松工业株式会社(创立于1947年)的全资集团。1990年,公司作为外资企业进驻上海浦东新区,集开发、设计、生产和销售于一体。 为适应更加专业化生产的需要,森松集团(中国)于2001年成立了上海森松制药设备工程有限公司,专业设计、生产和承接制药、生物工程、化妆品、食品、电子、精细化工等行业和领域各种成套设备、卫生级容器和换热器、洁净公用工程系统、无菌工艺管道、CIP在线清洗工作站、生物发酵和细胞培养系统和生物工程上下游模块,以及均质系统、WD三合一等。公司能根据客户要求,分别符合SFDA、FDA、EMEA或WHO等相关的GMP要求进行设计和制作,并提供相关的验证支持文件。公司拥有先进的生产技术、齐全的生产设备、先进的检测设备,主要生产设备及测试仪器从德、美、日等国家进口;同时,公司拥有技术精湛的专业人员、优量的售后服务、严格的质量保证体系,公司的所有流程均有严格的质量体系,并通过了ISO9001质量体系认证。 Morimatsu Industry Ltd. (Japan) was founded in 1947. Morimatsu (China) Group, fully invested by Morimatsu Industry Ltd., is the first foreign invested company founded in Shanghai Pudong new area in 1990, and engaged in development, design, fabrication and marketing. To meet the requirement of much more professional and specialized production, Morimatsu (China) Group founded Shanghai Morimatsu Pharmaceutical Equipment Engineering Co., Ltd. in 2001. The company is professional in designing and fabricating complete equipment, sanitary vessels and heat-exchangers, sanitary facilities piping system, sterile process piping system, CIP workstation, fermentation and cell cultivation system, bioengineering upstream to downstream skids, homogenizing system, WD multi-functional filter etc. These products and system have been widely used in pharmaceutical, bio-engineering, cosmetic, food process, electronic, and fine chemical industries. Based on clients’ requirement, the company can meet relevant GMP of SFDA, FDA, EMEA or WHO, and provide relevant validation support documents. The company possesses advanced technology, complete production facilities, advanced testing devices, and the main production facilities and testing devices are imported from Germany, America and Japan. On the same time, the company also has excellent technical personnel, satisfactory after-sale service and strict quality assurance system. All production processes are controlled under the quality assurance system, and the company has passed ISO9001 quality system certification as well.