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ANDRITZ GROUP International technology Group ANDRITZ, headquartered in Graz, Austria, employs approx. 17,400 people worldwide. It is a globally ********supplier of plants, equipment, and services for: Hydropower stations Pulp and paper industry Solid/liquid separation in the municipal and industrial sectors Steel industry Production of animal feed and biomass pellets The Group also offers a variety of other products, such as pumps, machines for the production of nonwovens and plastic films, steam boiler plants, biomass boilers and gasifiers, flue gas cleaning plants, industrial furnaces, thermal drying equipment, as well as automation technology. ANDRITZ (China) Ltd. Providing tailor-made plant, system, and service solutions to customers in China ANDRITZ (China) Ltd. is a 100% ANDRITZ-owned company and has dedicated itself to bringing the ANDRITZ Group’s state-of-the-art technologies to China and providing superior service to its large local customer base. In addition to the manufacturing centers in Foshan Chancheng and Sanshui districts, several representative offices have been set up in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Qingdao, Changchun, and other cities. Today, ANDRITZ (China) Ltd. employs more than 1,500 professionals. ANDRITZ (China) Ltd. applies highest standards throughout its operations, in planning, engineering, manufacturing, subcontracting, assembly, shipping, site erection and start-up support. This ensures that our customers receive products that are of the highest quality, received on time, and are delivered at the cost agreed upon. Established in 2000, the Foshan workshops manufacture components for the major ANDRITZ industries, such as hydropower, pulp and paper, separation, and metals. Today, the total area of the workshops exceeds 68,000 m2. It is our strategy to manufacture the key proprietary components for our equipment in-house to ensure that the most stringent quality requirements are met. Many other components are subcontracted within our network of certified facilities in China, supporting and developing local businesses and therefore the economy as a whole. Investing in people Corporate success is strongly dependent upon the competence and commitment of employees. ANDRITZ (China) Ltd. funds the professional development of its employees. Human resources management, with issues such as staff development, leadership, and management responsibility, is given ****priority. A successful management training program (‘Management Challenge’) has been an integral part of human resources development for several years, extending from our headquarters gradually to China. Personal professional development and advancement go hand in hand with employee performance and satisfaction. This is why we offer a wide range of training and courses on topics like technical know-How, personality/leadership, language skills, computer systems, project management and health & safety. ANDRITZ (China) Ltd. is awarded the status of High-Tech Enterprise by the Chinese government. Related Websites If you want to know more about our global strategy and business, please go to the Home Page of Andritz. *****************If you want to know the career in Andritz, please go to the following page. ********************************* For Andritz (China) Ltd., we have Chinese Page for you, please see below. *************************************************************************************************** Contact us Address: 9 Tianbao Road, West City Industy Zone,ChanCheng District, Foshan,Guangdong, 528000 P.R.China. E-mail:***************************Fax: ************** 安德里茨集团 安德里茨集团是全球**的高新技术集团公司,总部坐落在奥地利的格拉兹。全球雇员大概17,400人。我们是全球**的工厂、设备和服务供应商,主要服务于以下的行业领域: 水电站 制浆造纸行业 市政和工业方面固液分离技术 金属行业 动物饲料和生物燃料 安德里茨集团还提供其他丰富的产品,例如:泵、无纺布和塑料薄膜的生产设备、蒸汽锅炉设备、生物燃料锅炉和气化炉、废气处理设备、工业炉、热力干燥设备以及自动化技术。 安德里茨(中国)有限公司 为中国客户提供量身定做的设备,系统和服务解决方案 安德里茨(中国)有限公司成立于2002年,属于100% 安德里茨集团持有的独资公司。公司致力于引进安德里茨集团先进技术到中国,并向其庞大的中国本地客户群提供优质的产品和服务。 公司在佛山禅城区和三水区建立了制造中心,并在北京,上海,成都,青岛,长春等城市亦设立了多个代表处。目前,安德里茨(中国)有限公司拥有超过1500名专业人员。 从计划、工程设计,制造、外包、组装、运输、现场反应以及开机支持,安德里茨(中国)有限公司都以最严谨的标准来规范各个生产和工作环节,确保客户以满意的价格,按时按量的接收到*好质量的产品。 公司佛山工厂建立于2000年,为安德里茨主要业务领域(水力发电,制浆造纸,环境和金属行业)生产各类部件。工厂占地总面积超过68000平方米。 从战略性考虑,产品的关键部件都由佛山工厂直接生产,以确保符合我们最严谨的质量标准。其他大量的部件则外包给国内具有合格资质的供应商生产,以支持本地以及国家的经济发展。 人才投资 企业的成功很大程度取决于员工的承担力和竞争力。安德里茨(中国)有限公司全力资助员工的专业技能发展。人力资源的高效管理,例如员工发展,领导能力,管理责任等,是公司的首要任务。管理培训课程(’管理者挑战’),作为多年来人才培训发展的重要组成部分,已逐渐从安德里茨总部应用到中国公司。 员工的专业发展和提升与员工的表现和满意度密切相关,这就是为什么我们为员工提供一系列的培训课程,内容包括技术诀窍,性格/领导力,语言能力,电脑能力,项目管理,以及健康与安全。 安德里茨(中国)有限公司获得中国政府授予的“高新技术企业”称号 相关网站: 如果您想得到更多安德里茨集团的全球战略和业务,请访问安德里茨的官方主页: *****************如果您想得知更多安德里茨的职业发展,请访问以下页面: ********************************* 对于安德里茨(中国)有限公司,我们为您提供了以下的中文页面: ************************************************************************************************** 为及时获取招聘信息,请关注安德里茨中国招聘新浪微博:@安德里茨中国招聘微博 联系方式: 地址:广东省佛山市禅城区,城西工业区,天宝路9号 招聘邮箱:*********************************************微博(新浪):安德里茨中国招聘微博
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