Customs&Trade Compliance Director


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学历不限 10年以上 语言不限 32-50岁


Reports to: Exec Director, Global Customs & Trade Compliance
Working location: Thailand or China
Supervises: Customs & Trade Compliance personnel in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Korea, Japan, & India

Responsibility Level:
The successful candidate will lead Company’s Global Customs & International Trade Compliance Organization (GCTC) in the Asia Region. The GCTC is a centrally led organization, responsible for all of Company’s customs and trade compliance activity throughout the world. The GCTC focuses on ensuring that the company’s imports and exports are handled in an efficient and legally compliant manner. The overall purpose of this position is to establish and manage the customs and international trade compliance activities for Company’s operations in Asia.

Principle Role:
GCTC - Asia shall be responsible for:
Establishing and leading a centrally led organization that maintains uniform and consistent processes to ensure that all goods Company moves cross border in Asia are moved in a manner that is
a) consistent with all applicable domestic and international law (e.g. laws relating to importing/exporting, international sanctions and anticorruption), and b) efficient and in accordance with controls set forth by the GCTC.

Specific Duties:
1. The Director, GCTC - Asia shall establish and maintain processes to:
a) Ensure management and control over the border operations and customs brokerage activity performed on behalf of Company in Asia. Such management and control shall include but not be limited to the following actions:
i. Maintaining an optimally small number of customs brokers in the region, and
ii. Establishing standard contracts that are managed through key performance indicators.
b) Ensure customs duties and fees are paid accurately, timely and according to legal and corporate accounting standards.
c) Manage the activity performed by GCTC’s Global and Regional Process personnel (i.e. Centers of Expertise) regarding tariff classification, origin, export controls and the value of goods that Company moves cross borders in Asia. That activity includes the operation of “free trade” or “Board of Investment” zones that provide duty and tax benefits.

2. The Director, GCTC - Asia shall also:
a) provide technical advice on matters such as the correct import/export classification, proper valuation, marking and labeling, country of origin, KORUS and other free trade agreements, special trade programs, INCOTERMS , recordkeeping, global trade management systems, policies and procedures, supply chain security programs, Outward/inward processing relief, pre-entry review, post-entry review, broker management, export controls, and other technical areas related to international trade activity;
b) Work with inside counsel to formulate conclusions aiding in rendering legal opinions and make recommendations to departments concerning international trade related concerns and issues in Asia region;
c) Partner with regional and local management on:
i. Strategic projects related to international trade and global Supply Chain opportunities;
ii. The development and implementation of global, regional and local import/export policies, procedures and practices; and
iii. The development and deployment of training and communication updates concerning compliance risk areas, enforcement trends, existing laws, regulations and developments in applicable laws and regulations.
d) Coordinate with other regional functional partners, such as Finance, Risk Management, Legal Counsel, Tax, Information Systems, Procurement, Supply Planning, Logistics, etc. to resolve and/or improve international trade activities;
e) Undertake special assignments, such as unique projects, dispute management, International trade compliance awareness building activities, and due diligence related to mergers & acquisitions;
f) Represent Adient’s GCTC in regional compliance projects and meetings; and
g) Report key performance indicators of regional trade compliance to senior leadership, including the Director, GCTC.

Requisite Knowledge and Skills:
• Demonstrated knowledge of international import and export laws, regulations and compliance requirements, as well as the governmental agencies that impact or are involved with international trade within Asia.
• Ability to identify objectives and incorporate diverse information in making decisions.
• Ability to build and manage teams.
• Ability to develop and effectively communicate sound advice and/or analysis, including the suggestion of alternative business solutions and best practices while taking into account objectives and risk tolerance.
• Proficient with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Visio.

Education and Experience Requirements:
• Bachelor's Degree or equivalent from an accredited institution;
• 10+ years international trade compliance experience. 5+ years managing regional or global international trade compliance with a large, multi-national company;


  • 汇报对象:Global Exec Director
  • 下属人数:0人
  • 所属行业: 汽车/摩托车,机械制造/机...
  • 所属部门:Custom and Trade Compliance
  • 企业性质:外商独资·外企办事处
  • 企业规模:10000人以上
  • 专业要求:不限


  • 职位年薪:100-130万
  • 薪资构成:基本薪资 + 奖金/提成
  • 年假福利:国家标准
  • 社保福利:国家标准 + 商业保险
  • 居住福利:公积金
  • 通讯交通:不确定


Company is a newly-formed company constituted through a spin-off of seating business of a global 500 company and was publicly traded on October 31, 2016. Company is the global leader in the $60 billion automotive seating market, with approximately 75,000 employees in 230 locations across 33 countries. With $20 billion in consolidated annual revenues, Company delivers 25 million seating systems used on more than 360 vehicle nameplates around the globe. Company’s mission is to be the world-class automotive seating supplier through leadership in cost, quality, launch execution and customer satisfaction. Company will leverage its capabilities to drive growth, both within and beyond the automotive industry.






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